B about luna B

pronouns: she/it/he

age: 25

genders: kitty girl, spikey and or melty girl, manic pixie dream boy (girl), robot boygirl, girlboy whos like a sword (objectified, respected, spikey)

intrests/hobbies: film and older digital photography/videography, electronics (late 90s-2000s), drawing, design (web and graphic:), boys

about the site

the site is purely static, but uses js based tools for templating

fonts: 04b (titles), rainyhearts (text), pixelicons (icons)

tools: 11ty.js, node.js

git repo: git.sr.ht/~lunacat/lunarsignals.net

feel free to use whatever, but i would love if you let me know what you take!