my drawings :3

hucks wolf-dolphin fursona, starduzt

☆.°* starduzt !!!!!! ☆.°*

this is hucks truesona that i did art of! and rlly happy w how it turned out :0

hatsune miku in front of a slightly clutered room full of electronics

a miku i made!!!

cardamom! she is a fursona type creature in front of a pink backround , surrounded by a bunch of doodles of her things: ipod, ps vita headphones, makeup. and some of her personality/ traits about her, like what he would look like as a scythe or a knife or shooting danmaku bullets at reimu from touhou.

a coyote furry critter, not a truesona but heavily based on me ;3

older stuff

cute goblin with photobashed grafitti background

a vrry cute gobliny creature, the original was a sharpie drawing which a scanned and did all sorts of color passes and manipulations to get here

cute goblin in black and white cute goblin in pink and blue

similar process to the goblin, i think i might've been having a really bad day